Friday, August 14, 2009

DEVELOPMENT: Somerville Comprehensive Plan

Hi everyone, we've started a blog topic for Somerville's Comprehensive Plan. Please post any questions and comments about the plan, process and how you can get involved. Please also post any photos of your favorite places, events and activities in Somerville. We need your help in planning for Somerville's future!


  1. I'm very pleased the City is beginning this process at an important time in its history. I hope it doesn't get bogged down as these processes often do (for example, the effort in Boston about 10 years ago), or get sidelined by other issues and lose steam.

    What is the public participation plan? Holding public meetings is a good first step but a process this intensive will need an ongoing steering committee (possibly with some subcommittees) of stakeholders. Boards and Commissions will need a place at the table but so will typical citizens and members of various advocacy groups (SCC, Mystic View, Save Our Somerville, etc.) Outreach will be critical to having this be more than just a document. Just as important as outreach will be willingness to change the plan based on input from those outside City Hall.

    Again, I am glad this effort is under way. Best of luck.

  2. hi Jeff, thanks for your thoughtful comments. OSPCD is putting together a Steering Committee, which will be composed of representatives appointed by Ward and At-Large Aldermen and representatives from the various Boards, Committees and Organizations in the city. We expect this group to start meeting in mid-September and will be instrumental in guiding the process and shaping the Plan.


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