Thursday, September 24, 2009

DATA AND TECHNOLOGY: Data Captured through 311

Question/Comment: What types of information are stored with each 311 request? (e.g. request, date + time of request / resolution, service location, requester's name, address, and phone, language, ethnicity, gender, etc...) Which parameters are required and which are optional? How long is the data saved in the city's database? How long have 311 request records been kept?

City Update 7/1/2009: The City uses software created by Intelligov (see for some screenshots). The databases include information on the requester (e.g. phone number), the service request type, date/time of request, department completing, and length of time to completion. The data quality is not perfect, however. For example, many requesters wish to remain anonymous. We have data available from the start of 311, which was in December 2005. Initial data are very sparse, though. As more services have been incorporated into 311, more data has been generated.

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