Thursday, September 24, 2009

DATA AND TECHNOLOGY: Status of 311 Work Orders

Question/Comment: After I call 311, I would like to be able to see the status of any work order I submitted. Even if I use the online tracking system, it sometimes says the work order is closed, when I know that it is not closed.

City Update 9/23/2009: In order for the City to provide an accurate status of a work order, it first needs a more robust work order system than we currently have. Some private sector companies, such as UPS, have automated tracking of each step of task completion and they are able to share this information with customers. In Somerville, we do not have that level of automation. In some cases, at the time when a staff person is dispatched to take care of a work order, the work order is closed. When that person gets to the scene of the work, however, they sometimes realize work must be delayed. This results in a work order that is closed but not completed. In a more robust work-order tracking system, a constituent would see work request status, such as "Pending parts order, to be completed on 11/1/2009".

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