Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DEVELOPMENT: Future of Star Market Site and Broadway Zoning

Question/Comment: What will happen to the former Star Market site on Broadway? Residents expressed hope that there could be another grocery story or a specialty store like Trader Joe’s.

City Update 5/13/10:  Attracting a new supermarket to Winter Hill is one of the City's highest priorities. To further this effort, the City recently approved a zoning amendment for the Broadway corridor that provides incentives in the way of increased bulk and parking relief as a way to attract redevelopment to this site.  OSPCD continues to reach out to supermarket operators in hopes that as the economy improves, the Winter Hill site will become more viable. 

City Update 2/9/10: OSPCD is continuing to try to bring a new grocery store into this location.  The City is currently reviewing a proposal for this site, which looks promising, and OSPCD hopes to pass it by the end of February 2010.

City Update 12/3/09: The City' Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) is currently working with the owner of this property try to get another grocery store located in the vacant  former Star Market.  OSPCD's focus has been on the redevelopment of the whole site rather than just filling the space with any retailer.  The current building needs significant work and a redevelopment could allow for a larger grocery store including upper floor development with parking underground.  To generally promote more development in this area the Planning Board has also submitted a report to the Board of Aldermen recommending the adoption of the Broadway Zoning Proposal.

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