Thursday, September 24, 2009

INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS: East Somerville Community School

Question/Comment: What’s the status of reconstruction of the East Somerville Community School after the fire of December, 2007?

City Update 1/13/10: The MSBA and the City of Somerville came to an agreement on a scope of work to renovate the East Somerville Community School.  On the basis of close cooperation and negotiations between state and local officials, in which the school rebuilding project became the basis for the MSBA's new emergency response protocols, the Authority has recommended to its Board of Directors that Somerville be moved into the schematic design phase of its capital pipeline.  In this phase, detailed designs will be produced for the renovation of the 118,500-sq. ft. building - of which over 90,000 sq. ft. will be paid for by the MSBA.

City Update 12/9/09: City and School officials met with MSBA representatives on November 6, 2009, to discuss school enrollment figures (number of agreed upon students) and building-scope options.  Prior to agreement on school enrollment figures, the MSBA requested that the City provide three building options, including cost estimates and space studies, to determine cost effectiveness.  The agreed upon options for potential building construction have been submitted to the MSBA for consideration and are:
1.       Entirely new building
2.       Partial new (addition/wing) and renovation of existing spaces
3.       Complete and total renovation of existing building footprint
The MSBA will review the submission information and respond within 2 to 4 weeks.  The result of the review will be an MSBA statement of support for one of the options and, subsequently, certification of enrollment by the City and MSBA.

City Update 9/23/09: In the spring, the City applied for funding for the School’s renovation or reconstruction from the Massachusetts School Building Authority through an Emergency Statement of Interest. Somerville’s situation is precedent setting, and the MSBA is still considering what should be the next steps. We expect those next steps to be determined soon. Also note, an ESCS Advisory Group was convened in June. This group will provide periodic updates on the project’s status.

City Update 5/12/08: The City and the Somerville Public Schools are currently looking at options for renovation or new construction.

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