Thursday, September 24, 2009

PARKING: Fairness/Purpose of 48-Hour PARKING Rule

Question/Comment: What is the purpose of the 48-hour parking rule? It causes residents much grief because we can not park on the street to go away for a vacation, for example.  I have heard that this is used to keep out non-resident and abandoned cars, so how big are these problems in the city? How many residents end up getting tickets for violating this rule each month or year? How much revenue is generated by these fines? I think the city should scrap this rule and rely instead on resident complaints to deal with these issues. Thanks!

City Update 9/1/2009: As stated on T&P's website, "The 'Over 48 Hour' regulation is designed to prevent non-resident vehicles from being stored on city streets and to identify and remove abandoned or stolen vehicles. After snow storms, this regulation is enforced on vehicles that have not been shoveled out and cleaned. These vehicles create pedestrian safety issues, impede sightlines for pedestrians and motorists and make accessing city streets difficult for emergency vehicles." Enforcement when there is not snow is driven primarily by constituent complaints. In terms of numbers of tickets issued, there were 4,354 tickets issued in Nov., Dec., Jan, and Feb. of 2008-2009. Fewer are issued in the summer months, with about 50 issued per month.

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  1. My car was recently towed apparently in advance of the next big snowstorm. I rent an apartment on College Ave and have to park on the street. I spent hours digging my car out after the snowstorm last week, took the car out on the weekend, parked in the same spot (because it was the only one dug out!), and this is well after 48 hours of the snowstorm. The 48-hour rule is typically not enforced and typically not a towing offense. Many residents like myself take the T during the week and I feel that this rule is quite unfair and quite an onerous fine when you consider towing fees are $115. I was quite relieved to find that it was never enforced when I moved here. This targets renters and students and should not be arbitrarily enforced.


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