Thursday, October 1, 2009

TRAFFIC: Concerns about Cut-Through Traffic on Irving and Paulina Streets

Question/Comment: Please find a way to lower the speed and volume of cut-through traffic on Irving and Paulina Streets.

City Update 11/18/09: Traffic is interconnected on this series of one-way streets between Broadway and Holland. Reversing the direction of one of these streets to reduce traffic speed or volume would be likely to burden other streets. In order to rework the traffic patterns in any way, support would be needed from the whole community, including residents of affected streets. Because of the complexity of this process no action from the City is anticipated.

City Update 5/12/08: Somerville Police can use a speed board on this street, which shows drivers the speed at which they are driving. Traffic studies on similar City streets have demonstrated that few vehicles actually exceed the 30 mph speed limit. The City is working with the State legislature to lower the citywide speed limit to 25 mph.

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