Thursday, October 1, 2009

TRAFFIC: Pedestrian Crossing Points on Beacon Street & Somerville Ave

Question/Comment: The pedestrian crosswalk across Beacon Street at the corner of Sacramento Street is heavily used to get to Star Market, the pedestrian tunnel under MBTA tracks behind Star Market, and local restaurants. There is also fast moving traffic with no traffic lights and many cars do not stop for pedestrians. It can be a dangerous place to cross in my experience.  How can I request that the City install a pedestrian push-button crosswalk light? There is already such a crosswalk light installed at the corresponding intersection of Somerville Ave and Lowell Street on the other side of the tracks and pedestrian tunnel, which is very helpful. And there is another crosswalk push-button light two short blocks down Beacon Street at the less-used crosswalk at Museum Street.

City Update 11/25/09: To install a new pedestrian signal, the crosswalk location must be in compliance with regulations and the location of the crosswalk near Sacramento Street does not meet requirements for a signal.  Additionally, installing a new crosswalk signal would require significant funding that is not currently available.  If traffic is an issue, using the nearby signaled crosswalk at Museum Street is an option.

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