Thursday, November 12, 2009

TRAFFIC: Safe bike route from Mass Ave. and Teele Square

Comment/Question: There doesn't seem to be a safe way to bike from Mass Ave. and the Minuteman Trail to Teele Square because: a) There is no traffic light at the Cameron/Holland intersection and (b) the other streets are all one-way in the opposite direction. Is it possible to get a "wrong direction" bike lane on Newbury or Clarendon? A traffic light at Cameron/Holland would also solve the problem, but that solution seems more expensive and disruptive to car traffic.

City update 11/18/2009: For a wrong way bike lane to be installed it must be demonstrated that number of bikes using route facilitates need. The City's Bicycle Committee could consider a reverse bike lane and make a recommendation. However, Newbury and Clarendon are very narrow streets and a bike lane is required to be five feet wide, which may create difficulties for car traffic. Additionally, to install a traffic signal, city, state, and federal regulations must be met. It is unlikely that this intersection would meet these requirements. Plus, as mentioned, both the cost of this project and the disruption it would cause to traffic are prohibitive.

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