Thursday, November 12, 2009

TRAFFIC: Park Street

Question/Comment: Has the City considered making Park Street one-way (between Somerville Ave. and Beacon St.), or possibly restricting parking?  There are access issues for emergency vehicles, buses, and other large vehicles turning onto the street.  This seems dangerous and frustrating to drivers and the city may want to consider options for improvement.

City update 11/18/2009: It is not feasible for the city to make Park Street one way because only Park and Beacon connect with Somerville Ave. from that side in a half mile stretch. Making one of these streets one-way would cause considerable traffic congestion problems on the other. On the west end of Park at Beacon Street parking is restricted and buses and other large vehicles do not have difficulty making the turn. On the other end, past Elliot Street there are a lot of residents for whom parking is needed. The city has considered this issue in the past, but concluded that eliminating parking in this are would be too restrictive to residents.

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