Wednesday, December 9, 2009

INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS: Surfacing Somerville Ave. and bike lanes

Question/Comment:  A resident noticed that new lines were painted on  Somerville Ave. when the road surface was not totally finished, further noting that no bike lanes were painted. S/he would like an update on the progress and when the final layer and bike lanes will be completed. 

In response to the City's time line for Somerville Ave., the resident would like to know if a temporary bike lane can be painted before resurfacing in the spring, noting that this would increases bikers' safety be a great way or the City to be more bike friendly. 

City Update 12/10/09: The work being done on Somerville Ave. is a Mass Highway project.  This means that the City does not have jurisdiction over Somerville Ave. until the project is complete, and unfortunately cannot paint temporary bike lanes, or do any other work until then.  While the bike lanes will be painted eventually, Mass Highway's time line does not plan for them before the spring. 

City Update 12/8/09: The current markings on Somerville Ave. are temporary pavement markings.  The final surfacing and panting of Somerville Ave. will be completed in the spring of 2010 and will include bike lanes.

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