Thursday, December 10, 2009

PARKING: Cost of new parking regulations

Question/Comment:  A resident has a question about how much new citywide resident permit parking regulations will increase administrative costs for Traffic and Parking. She finds the new parking regulations to be a large inconvenience and wants to know if it will increase revenue for the City, or end up costing additional money.

City Update 12/16/09:  The City understands that new parking regulations are an inconvenience for some residents, however they will generate substantial additional revenue.  There are some one time costs associated with implementation of citywide resident permit parking, but administrative cost increases are minimal, which includes the creation of one new parking clerk job (base salary about $35,000) and processing charges of $0.25 per permit issued.  On the other side of the equation, the City is projected to gain $350,000 in Motor Vehicle Exercise Tax annually, which car owners are already paying to other municipalities in which they do not reside.  Additionally, the installation of new meters and new meter fee structure are likely to increase revenue by $315,000 annually. This revenue will help to make up for major decreases in State Aid over the past 10 years, and fund vital municipal services like police, school nurses, employee health insurance, and elections.

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