Thursday, February 11, 2010

CITY ADMINISTRATION: Declaring snow emergencies

Question/Comment: A resident says s/he would like to see the process of declaring snow emergency be more open to the public.  Noting that February 10th was an excellent example of when the national weather service was only predicting 1-4 inches of snow, but  schools were closed and parking was a nightmare. Could citizens be given an explanation or a formula how this decided rather than the ad hoc announcements?

City Update 2/11/10:  The City's policy is that a snow emergency is declared whenever four or more inches of snow is predicted.  Residents should be aware that when forecasts predict this much snow they can expect that a snow emergency will be declared, but you can also sign up to receive calls or e-mail alerts when a snow emergency is declared.  After a snow emergency is declared, residents have four hours to move cars to the odd side of the street or several city lots designated for snow emergency parking.  We understand this is an inconvenience, but it is necessary to properly clear streets when four plus inches of snow falls.  Because there was much lees snowfall than was predicted, yesterday's snow emergency was recalled at 6pm and the City has announced that it is waiving any snow emergency tickets received due to this storm, for more information on the City's website click here.

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