Friday, February 12, 2010

QUALITY OF LIFE: Communtiy involvement in East Somerville Community School

Question/Comment:  A resident made a suggestion that the City have a meeting with East Somerville Community School parents.  She notes that many parents would love to voice their suggestions before final plans are drawn up for the school.  She feels that the process has been pretty opaque, and thinks including parents more in planning would be a good way to please a population that is somewhat frustrated with the City. 

City Update 2/12/10:  As the City moves through the schematic design process, there will be several opportunities for public input. The purpose of the schematic design process is to determine a general scope of work for the renovation. As with all construction/renovation projects, there will be an early public meeting to get a sense of community input into the scope of work; i.e. what the community would like to see come out of this project. Later in the process, as we approach finalization of the schematic design itself, there should be another public meeting for community review before we submit any plans to the MSBA.  The schematic design phase should take about three months.  There will also be separate presentations to the Mayor, Board of Aldermen, School Committee, and East Somerville Community School Advisory Committee.

After schematic design (and an agreement with the MSBA on the scope, budget and schedule), the City will embark on a more detailed process called design development.  During this process, specific decisions will be made on all aspects of the scope of work.  For example, if schematic design determines that we will replace all the windows in the building, design development will determine exactly what type of new window is installed.  There will also be opportunities for public input and review during the design development phase.

For updates from Somerville Public Schools on ESCS click here.   Updates on this project will also be included in future ward 1 ResiStat meetings, be posted here on SomerBlog as they are received, and as with any City issue, don't hesitate to call 311 with any questions.

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