Friday, March 26, 2010

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN & VISION STATEMENT: Somerville's first vision statement!

Through the recent series of SomerVision meetings and discussions by Somerville's Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, have created the City's first-ever "vision statement." Thanks to everyone who participated in the meetings and provided input!  

Here is the end result of everyone's hard work!

In Somerville, We:

the diversity of our people, cultures, housing, and economy.

Foster the unique character of our residents, neighborhoods, hills and squares, and the strength of our community spirit as expressed in our history, our cultural and social life, and our deep sense of civic engagement.

Invest in the growth of a resilient economic base that is centered around transit, enerates a wide variety of job opportunities, creates an active daytime population, supports independent local businesses, and secures fiscal self-sufficiency.

Promote a dynamic urban streetscape that embraces public transportation, reduces dependence on the automobile, and is accessible, inviting and safe for all pedestrians, bicyclists and transit riders.

Build a sustainable future through strong environmental leadership, balanced transportation modes, engaging recreational and community spaces, exceptional schools and educational opportunities, improved community health, varied and affordable housing options, and effective stewardship of our natural resources.

Commit to continued innovation and affirm our responsibility to current and future generations in all of our endeavors: business, technology, education, arts, and government.

For more information on the visioning process, or to submit feedback regarding the vision statement, you can contact OSPCD Project Manager Keith Craig at, or submit comments through the SomerBlog! You can also click here to go to the vision statement page on the City's website. 

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