Friday, March 5, 2010

TRAFFIC: Pedestrian signal at Highland in Davis Square

Question/Comment:  A resident says the pedestrian walk signal at Highland Ave., where it intersects College Ave., Elm St., and Holland Ave. in Davis Square has been malfunctioning for several months.  S/he elaborates that the digital clock that counts down the 20 seconds allowed for crossing Highland and Elm randomly skips as many as 5 numbers at a time. As s/he describes the problem, it does not occur every time the walk light signal is activated, making it seem as thought the problem has been repaired at times. S/he says a typical scenario is that the seconds will count down from 20 to 11, then skip over 10 to 7, so in effect it goes from 11 seconds remaining to 6 seconds remaining, creating a safety hazard for pedestrians.

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