Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TRAFFIC: Safety at intersection of Medford and School Streets

Question/Comment: A resident is concerned about driving safety at the intersection of Medford and School Streets. She reports that many cars run red lights at this intersection during rush hour and notes that although it is only two blocks from two schools (Winter Hill and SHS), there is no crossing guard on duty. Between 7:30 and 8:30 am, she reports to have seen pedestrians dive out of the way of vehicles running the red-light, and law-abiding cars often have to wait for two or three cars to run the red before being able to go on green. Unfortunately, even with a crossing guard down the street at Medford and Sycamore, she reports that the crossing guard often has to run out into the intersection to protect children who have started crossing the street from cars running the red light. She finds the situation at both these intersections dangerous and very discouraging, given that so many people get away with unlawful and reckless driving.  She would like to request that a plainclothes police officer be assigned to observe these intersections during one rush hour to assess the extent of the current problem. 

City Update 4/1/10:  The Somerville Police Department's Traffic and Parking enforcement division has been informed of this concern and will respond through stepped up enforcement at these locations.  Notice was sent to all Traffic Unit Personnel yesterday for immediate targeted enforcement at the locations being complained about.  Personnel have also been instructed to call in activity at these locations on the radio to document that these problems are being dealt with.  This notice was directed towards both day and evening Traffic Officers, as well as day and evening uniformed Patrol Officers.

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