Thursday, April 1, 2010

QUALITY OF LIFE: Yard waste pick-up

Question/Comment:  A resident recently received the schedule for yard wast pick-up and She would like to know why we have to wait so long every year for this service to start.  She has had bags ready for pick up for several weeks already and this weekend is sure to be a big yard clean up time.  She believes that the City has had plenty of time to get ready for this vital service and should be able to offer it sooner.

City Update 4/1/10: Residents who have yard waste can bring it to the Department of Public Works yard at 1 Franey Road throughout the year, between 8am and 4pm.  Waste should not be in plastic bags, or include trash. Any brush must be cut up into 3 foot sections. Home yard waste pick up is a part of the City's contract with Russel Disposal.  Unfortunately, as this service is provided by an outside party, the weeks scheduled for pick-up are those covered by the scope of the contract, and there is little room to change this service at this point in time. 

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