Thursday, April 29, 2010

TRAFFIC: Right turn onto Somerville Ave. from Beacon St.

Question/Comment:  Multiple residents have expressed concerns regarding turning right onto Somerville Ave. from Beacon Street.  They would like to know why the City decided to install a "No Turn on Red" sign at the intersection of Somerville Ave and the Beacon Street bridge, and suggest that the Beacon St. bridge should have both a right turn only lane and right on red after stop.  These residents believe that visibility is fine to turn on red and think the current situation unnecessarily backs up traffic on Beacon Street.

City Update 4/30/10:  The "No Turn on Red" rule was initiated at this intersection as a part of the Somerville Ave. project, which is being undertaken through an agreement with MassDOT's Highway Division under State jurisdiction.  Instituting the no turn on red at the intersection was a part of agreed upon plans for this project, and thus it will remain in effect until Somerville Ave. construction is complete (estimated to be in July of 2010), and the road is returned to City jurisdiction.  Once this intersection is under City jurisdiction, a motion can be made to the Traffic Commission to change the rule and remove the sign.  The City's Traffic Engineer believes that allowing right turns on red at this intersection is a reasonable request.  Thus, the City cannot immediately act on this request, but this rule may be changed in the not too distant future.


  1. Is the intersection under city control yet? Work seems to have been finished for quite a while.

  2. The traffic backups on Beacon Street sometimes go nearly all the way to Inman Square. Time to remove the No Turn on Red sign.


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