Thursday, May 13, 2010

PARKS: Use of Field in Hodgkins-Curtin Park

Question/Comment:  A resident would like to comment that the redevelopment of Hodgkins-Curtin Park is great for the area, but in the past there was a sign on it limiting field play to just baseball, which the resident objects to.  S/he notes that there is a lack of green/open space in the Davis Square area, and it seems unnecessary to limit the types of activities in one of the few spaces available.  S/he would like to know if  the new park will also limit field use to baseball.  If so, s/he would like to know the reasoning behind this rule and if there is a different green space available for soccer play in the Davis Sq. area.  S/he notes that Alewife/Russell and Trum are a bit of a walk, Powerhouse/Liberty park is not level enough, 7 hills is small, and the Tufts fields belong to the university.

City Update 5/24/10: The intended purpose of the field at Hodgkins-Curtin Park is for little league baseball and non-programmed green space for the neighborhood. The City strives to make the best possible use of the limited green space available in such a densely populated municipality. Unfortunately, experience has taught us that it is difficult to maintain fields and green spaces for competing uses, and because of this the Hodgkins-Curtin Park ball field is not intended for youth soccer, golf, football, or other programmed sports.  

Because of the limited amount of open space in the City, only a limited number of spaces managed by the City and the State Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) are available for use as soccer fields.  These include: Conway Park, Glen Park, Lincoln Park, Nunziato Field, Dilboy Field, Draw Seven Park, Foss Park, and Capuano Field. A chart illustrating available uses of all of the City's open spaces is available here. Maps of the all City's Parks and their features can be obtained at City Hall and are also available on the City website here.

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  1. I also live in Ward 7 a few blocks from this park. I don't understand the limitation. Are you telling me that we can't play a pickup soccer game or toss a football around? Or does the prohibition apply only to organized sports?


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