Tuesday, May 18, 2010

QUALITY OF LIFE: Powder House School Focus Group

Question/Comment: At a community meeting several residents expressed concerns related to the process for selecting participants in the focus group being convened to discuss the future of the Powder House School site.  Many residents would like to be involved in the planning process surrounding the site, and they would like to know that the selection process is fair and impartial.


  1. Is there any chance that the city could send someone to sweep up the large amount of broken glass/beer bottles that has accumulated on the bike/walk path between the old PowderHouse school and the vacant parking lot? This path is used by many commuters, including many, many small children each day and it would be great if it was a safe path for both bikers and those on foot. Thank you.

  2. I placed a work request with 311. Hopefully this will be done soon.



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