Tuesday, May 4, 2010

QUALITY OF LIFE: Smoking in Conway Park

Question/Comment:  A resident would like to know why there are not any "no smoking" signs in Conway Park and request that they be installed.  Her son recently started T ball at Conway Park. While a lot of friends and colleagues are moving out of Somerville as their kids turn 5, her family (proudly) decided to stay. They love Somerville, and firmly believe in it, but after her son's first day of T ball she was very disappointed and is no longer sure about this decision.  At the park, there were at least 10 parents smoking (multiple cigarettes) and there were no "no smoking signs."  Other playgrounds have signs and even the bike path is no smoking. But there, in front of 50 kids, parents were setting a bad example. These parents all know each other, were having fun, shouting at their kids, and smoking. She believes this send children the message that smoking is fun. She would like the City to post this area as non-smoking, and have someone enforce this rule on Saturday mornings from 9 to 11.

City Update 5/18/10: Ward 2's Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO), Officer Martini, has been made award of this issue and is acting to enforce the City's smoking ordinance in Conway Park.  He was present on Saturday May 15th and stopped parents from smoking in the park.  The NPO plans to continue to make visits to Conway Park on Saturday mornings to ensure park-goers are aware that smoking is prohibited and follow this rule.

City Update 5/4/10:  There is a city ordinance that prohibits smoking in all parks and public buildings and spaces. Almost every park has a relatively new sign with standard park regulations posted near its entranceConway Park should have three such signs posted on fences near the various entrancesAs pictured below, smoking is specifically prohibited in the text, as well as with the icon at the bottom. Last year, the Department of Public Works made up separate NO DOGS ALLOWED signs to reinforce the message on the standard signs. If smoking in parks presents an ongoing problem, the City may consider posting similar signs reinforcing the no smoking rule in key locations.  However, the idea behind the standard regulations sign was to consolidate messages into one sign and reduce the clutter of multiple signs.  This issue has also been brought to the attention of the City's Tobacco Control Program.


  1. Please! Don't you people have anything better to do than complain? Why don't we just make it so we are all just stop doing what you don't like! Why don't you find a hobby or something! Just because you do not smoke well that is your right but we are outside and who are you to say what others can do! You could be an alcholic or over eat! You could also be one of the people out there letting your dog crap in the park and not clean it! There is more smoke from cars and buses or from people having cookouts! What are you going to complain about next? Something else that you do not do and someone else does! Complain about things that really need taken care of like maybe the litter you yourself is probably leaving behind!!!!!!!!! Get a Life! I thought that this was suppose to be a free country but you people are not happy unless your makin others miserable!

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