Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hodgkins-Curtin Park Water Feature

A resident wrote to ask if the water feature in the Hodgkins-Curtin Park is broken. So I asked Arn Franzen of the Parks Department, who responded:

"Yes, the water feature is broken. It seems to have been delivered with a faulty valve and the manufacturer's representative has already visited the park and begun to work with our general contractor to get the faulty piece replaced. I do not have a schedule for the repair but it should be soon. At the outside it will be a few weeks, if the part has to come from Germany.

Hope that helps,



  1. Thanks for this update. Two other questions regarding the new Hodgkins Park: 1) any reason that the city did not replace the water fountain that is there? It has a steady leak when in use which both wastes a lot of water and causes a lot of wet toddler bottoms; 2) has anyone noted that the rubber squishy surface by the northeast corner slide on the "big kids" part of playground is (already) starting to rot/deterioriate? I'm hoping the city has a decent warranty for this from the manufacturer?

    Thanks again for this forum and for your response.

  2. Anonymous,

    I spoke with Arn from Parks, and he said that the city is in the process of replacing both the water fountain and the squishy surface. Fortunately, the latter is covered under warranty, so it will not cost the city to replace.


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