Thursday, July 15, 2010

Somerville Flash Flood Follow-up: The City Offers Help

The city keeps an up-to-date information page on flooding. In addition, last night Mayor Curtatone gave a special presentation on the recent flash flood to the Board of Aldermen. He began with this video:

Afterwords, he outlined the damages caused by flooding, which the city currently estimates to be $10 million and rising. After the Mayor's presentation, the Board of Aldermen commended the city for its quick response, but also asked questions about why flooding happened in the first place and what should be done now. More...

We have since learned that human error was not to blame for the flood. The focus is on cleaning up, which for for residents will mean documenting the damages caused to their property and filing insurance claims.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will be sending a Field Team to the Home Depot at 75 Mystic Avenue on Thursday, July 15th beginning at 9am to provide guidance to residents regarding proper procedures for dealing with mold and mildew removal, and disposal of flood damaged materials. The Field Team will be in place over the next several days as necessary.

Residents in affected neighborhoods are reminded that trash removal and mold removal guidelines are posted on the City's website, and can also be obtained by calling 311.

If your home or business has sustained water damage, at this time, please contact your insurance company. The City of Somerville is working with State and Federal officials to determine if assistance will be made available, and that information will be made public as we receive it.

Finally, Courtney over at the Ward 5 Blog, has some unofficial advice for people who need to clean out their cars.

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  1. ".. why flooding happened in the first place" - I am wondering if there is enough sewage capacity. It looks like Union Square and the adjacent street are pretty much sealed.


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