Thursday, July 15, 2010

Somerville Flash Flood Follow-up: How You Can Help

In the last post, we talked about some of the efforts the city is taking to address the problems caused by flooding. Here are some ways you can help.

First, please take a look at this map. If you know of any streets that flooded, but are not included in blue here, please post the name of the street in the comments section on this blog:

At a special meeting held on July 14th, Alderman Heuston requested for local plumbers and tradesmen to offer their assistance, either pro-bono or deeply discounted, to the elderly and those in dire economic circumstances who have been affected by the flood. If you or someone you know may be able to help volunteer in this way, please call 311 or email resistat at We will set up a database and make sure your services are put to good use.

You could also respond to this message (which appears after the page break)
In cooperation with the City of Somerville and in pursuit of possible state/federal relief, the Somerville Chamber of Commerce is assembling a list of commercial properties and business locations which suffered negative impact (such as business interruption, electrical outage, water damage etc) as a result of the flash flooding that happened on Saturday, July 10, 2010. Please provide to , subject REPORT ON FLASH FLOOD, by Friday, July 16, 2010

Contact (first and last name):
Contact email address:
Name of business/property:
Street number and address:
Nature of impact:
Estimated cost of impact:

Please feel free to circulate this notice with your commercial property and business neighbors.


  1. Bowdoin St was almost wholly submerged beneath a toxic stew of water and sewage.

  2. Somerville Ave approaching 28 (in front of Target) was also hit, which is left blank on the map.

  3. Lower end of Hall Avenue near College Avenue was flooded. My garage doors were under at least 6" of water.

  4. Our home on Walnut St. was totally destroyed and we were made homeless. Between Pearl and Broadway. FYI.

  5. I'm not sure if it is noted, but Albion Street between Cedar and Lowell had about 2.5 feet of standing water near the park during the storm. Our house on Albion Street sustained basement water damage.

  6. Alpine Street-[high numbers]- was flooded with abnormally high water resulting in damage to many homes and property.

  7. Winslow Ave was under water and several houses had flooded basements, garages

  8. Highland Avenue, up by Central and Benton streets, may not have flooded much, but basements of houses along that stretch did! Sewer caps popped off--and in came the water into the very sound house I live in and into the houses of neighbors I talked with: sewage, leaves, gunk. Flooding from within, not from without, seems to be the issue over this way.

  9. I can't tell with that map but Adrian st from one end to the other got flooded right up to the houses. The bottom of Marion st also got hit bad with Adrian st. Oil and sewage floating every where

  10. We got flood too and my address is:
    5 Windom St.

    Also, my neighbor was affected by the flood too on 7 Windom St.

  11. Thank you to everyone who commented here, and to those of you who wrote to me directly via email. We are using your comments to update our data base. I will post new information as it becomes available. Thanks!

  12. Clark Street was under water. Not only was our basement flooded but our first floor was under water - childrens toys floating in the sewage/rain mix. We've had to spend tens of thousands of dollars in recovery. Our street floods so often - last week the sidewalks were under water for the fifth time this year - I don't know what we pay such high sewer rates for.


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