Thursday, October 14, 2010

New ResiStat Website!!

Consider this the launch of ResiStat's new blog/website. We have been working hard to bring you a website with easy-to-use interactive features and a sleek new design - all while eliminating our hosting and development costs.

The new transportation map should help you get around the city more easily, and give you a chance to explore street-paving projects from the last several years. The Wards page is designed to allow new residents to easily look up information about their ward, including who serves as their alderman and what neighborhoods make up their ward. These maps are just the beginning, however; We will be constantly updating them with new information and data.

Somerville is always looking for ways to use technology to help the City run more smoothly. We appreciate your feedback on this forum, and we hope you will check back often to see the new updates. If you would like to see any other features, let us know. And by all means, add us to your RSS feed, Google Reader, or your favorites bar. You won't be disappointed!  


  1. Flooding as usual. Again the Linear Park bikeway linking Davis Square to the Minuteman Bikeway was severely flooded with last night's rain. The entire bikeway was covered with deep water extending in width a good 10 feet beyond the edge of curb for a length of perhaps 60 - 80 feet, closing access to any who are unable to scramble along a steep bank on one side. Happens every time we get an significant rain. Glub glub glub.

  2. Hey we are on School street which they are digging up for no good reason apparently.
    but since this started, the lights have been dimming on/off and the microwave is acting wonky.
    is this in the whole area or just us?
    ALSO they have shut down parking on the WHOLE STREET which is crazy as they are only working in one patch at a time. i called the city and complained, no response.
    ALSO they cut the roots today of my beautiful tree. what is up with somerville?

  3. @ Kathleen and Theresa: thanks for the comments. I have forwarded them to DPW.

    @ Waide: Thanks!


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