Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yearly Crime

Here is a motion graphic of city-wide property crime over the last three years. You can see the data behind this chart here: At ResiStat, we hope to release more such data in the future.


  1. I appreciate you sharing the data, but I don't think the motion graphic visualization is the right default view of it. Your data is much simpler, so the line chart shows it quite well and is easy to understand (once I turn on the unique colors option). I take away the story that property crime is down, but not a ton. Nice and simple, and I'm glad that crime is not increasing significantly despite the economic downturn.

    I find that the Gap-minder style motion visualization is better suited to multi-dimensional datasets that you want to dig into with an already-interested audience. It can show lots of variables at once, and so with some narration if can be a very compelling tool. While I am all for trying out new data sharing technologies, we have to be careful that the visuals fit the dataset and story.

  2. Good points, Rahul. Thanks for the comment. I will consider this when doing future visualizations.


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