Friday, December 10, 2010

TRAFFIC: Right turn onto Somerville Ave. from Beacon St.

A while ago we received a question about the "No Turn on Red" sign at the intersection of Somerville Ave and the Beacon Street bridge. A recent comment on that post prompted me to look into this further. I called the city traffic engineer, who told me that he has put in a letter to the State essentially asking if we could remove the sign now that construction on Somerville Avenue is finished. I will update here with the response, which our engineer seems to think will be "yes."

This always seems to be the first things I am asked about whenever I am at a party or gathering and someone finds out I work for the City. Well, Andrew, Gwen, Anon. and anyone else who recently asked about the sign, let's hope this is resolved soon.


  1. I suggest also removing the NO TURN ON RED signs from the following locations:

    Elm Street eastbound, turning right onto Somerville Ave
    Somerville Ave eastbound, turning right onto Park Street
    Union Square westbound, turning right onto Bow Street

  2. While we're in the neighborhood, are we supposed to drive over the new sidewalk when entering Elm Street from Som'l Ave (in front of the interesting exercise place) like we used to pre-construction, or is it now proper to drive to the new light and make a right turn onto Elm?

  3. I agree with Ron's suggestions as well, most especially the right turn from Somerville onto Park.

    It seems like the state was very aggressive on some of these intersections!

  4. Just called back the City's traffic engineer. The "no turn on red" at Somerville and Park will likely come down along with the one on Somerville and Beacon.

    As for Anon.'s question about Elm and Somerville, it is OK for local traffic to drive over the sidewalk there (there are cub cuts to make it easier).

  5. Oh, and Ron, I shared your other suggestions with the traffic engineer. He will take them under consideration, but said that the sign on Bow Street may continue to be important for controlling traffic flow.

  6. Thanks, ResiStat, for looking into those!


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