Monday, January 31, 2011

Somerville Snow Policies

We recently received some questions about snow removal in the City. These are particularly pertinent given the fact that Massachusetts is expected to receive another several inches of snow over the next two days. The City keeps a list of snow emergency procedures here. In addition, the following press release, which just came out moments ago, is helpful:


SOMERVILLE –Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone announced today that, in order to clear vital City arteries and numerous side streets of snow before the next round of snow arrives, the City of Somerville has contracted a fleet of front loaders and tri-axle dump trucks to haul snow to a currently undeveloped portion of Assembly Square.  Work began overnight on Sunday in Davis and Teele Squares, and will commence again at midnight tonight in Union and Teele Squares, and on numerous side streets. 

The City will declare a snow emergency beginning Monday evening in anticipation of the storms, which would also allow snow removal crews to work overnight to clear City streets, squares, and other critical areas more efficiently.  City personnel will continue to monitor local forecasts and the track of Tuesday’s storm before determining the timing of a snow emergency declaration.

“Due to the sheer amounts of snow and ice that have been dumped on Somerville over the last month, we had already contacted an outside vendor in order to help our DPW crews with snow removal throughout the City.  We’ve hired additional trucks and front-end loaders to help clear our main squares and thoroughfares.  With an average of one storm per week, our DPW personnel are working harder than ever to ensure the public safety of this community, however we simply cannot keep up with the onslaught of snow that Mother Nature has in store for us this year,” Mayor Curtatone said.

“With another 15-20 inches of snow predicted to fall this week, I want to remind residents that it is more critical than ever to be cognizant of our parking policies during snow emergencies and, when a snow emergency is lifted, use caution when parking on already narrow side streets.  Our first priority will be to ensure that public safety vehicles are able to access all roadways, and to that end we will exercise our right to ticket and tow any vehicle hampering public safety,” Mayor Curtatone added.

To assist with snow removal, the City has requested an additional 13 tri-axle trucks and eight front-end loaders from North Gate Recycling, Inc., a company already contracted with the City of Somerville. 

“I want to thank Federal Realty Investment Trust for generously allowing us to utilize Yard 21 in Assembly Square during our snow removal operations.  As we have filled our vacant yards – Harris Park, the Homan’s Building, and other locations – this donation by FRIT is a tremendous help for us, and our residents,” Mayor Curtatone said.

A snow emergency announcement will be made through all normal channels as soon as it is determined.


  1. I saw the trucks outside of my house, I was surprised. Thanks for the details.

  2. Yeah Somerville. With every flake that drops I'm reminded of how happy I am not to live in Cambridge. Those streets are a mess.

  3. I just came back from Hyde Park in Boston and it's even worse there than in Cambridge. But could you please send one of those front loaders down Berkeley Street?

  4. somerville citizenJanuary 31, 2011 at 7:20 PM

    good work mister mayor! please get after the mbta, who should be clearing the bus stops and such. also, please step up fire lane enforcement! thanks!

  5. that 48 hour max parking limit is a joke! there are cars still buried and haven't been moved for over a week! the city really needs to get after these people!


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