Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Message about the Snow from Mayor Curtatone

Hello, this is Mayor Joe Curtatone with an important public safety reminder.

As several storms move through the area this week, property owners and residents are asked to adhere to the parking and public safety regulations set by the City. As a reminder, DPW crews will be plowing to the curb in order to secure passage for public safety vehicles. It is crucial that property owners and residents NOT shovel snow into the street, and ensure that sidewalks and handicap ramps are properly shoveled. We also urge you to help us keep the community safe by shoveling out hydrants in your neighborhood and, when parking bans are lifted, being cautious about parking, particularly on narrow side streets.

We understand how difficult this winter has been, and sincerely appreciate how much the community has worked together to ensure that our residents remain safe. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance as we continue to weather the coming storms.


  1. I'd love to hear more details about sidewalk safety. I hope the importance of residents keeping sidewalks shoveled is not underestimated.

    What constitutes a passable walkway? Does it qualify as "shoveled" or properly cleared if a teenager can navigate it? Or a senior citizen? What about those on crutches or with a cane? Perhaps that's expecting too much... Does the city consider a "cleared" sidewalk more important if it's near a pharmacy or hospital?

  2. Anon,

    Those are all very good questions. I'm not sure if the City has explicit policies regarding the priorities we give to certain sidewalks, but I think you are right that we should. I will bring up your questions the next time we meet together to discuss snow-related policies. Thanks.

  3. I wish the snow removal policy was enforced as stringently as the parking policy. I walk 1 mile to the T every day and have noticed some property owners never shovel the sidewalks. I understand there should be a grace period but certain areas have gone weeks without any snow removal. Please enforce the policy.
    Thank you,
    Kelly (Summer Street Resident)

  4. I understand the policy of not shoveling into the street, however, people are running out of space to put snow. It make sense that it be thrown in the street so the plows can move it to the even side of the street.


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