Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shovel Your Vents Says Somerville Toxicologist

I received this important message from one of our ResiStat subscribers and I am passing it on in the hopes that people will read it and tell their neighbors and landlords: "I'm an emergency physician and toxicologist and Somerville resident writing to ask if the next snow-related city reminder could include a reminder that people living in homes with ground-level furnace vents should keep the vents clear of snow.  Make sure that these vents are shoveled out to prevent carbon monoxide build-up and poisoning.  I'm sure the Mayor's office is familiar with "Nicole's Law" that requires carbon monoxide detectors in homes after Nicole Garofalo died of carbon monoxide poisoning when her home's furnace vents were covered by snow in January 2005."

1 comment:

  1. This would be a good reminder to include. We just discovered that one of our building's furnace vents was completely blocked last night. It was easy to clear the snow away, but now we'll be sure to check this vent every time we get a big snow.


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