Thursday, April 21, 2011

Q&A: When Will the Hodgkins-Curtin Park Ball Field Reopen?

Q: Is there an update on when the field at Hodgkins Park will open? The field was accessible at all times prior to the renovation. Will there be restrictions around access and use of the field when it does open? – A neighbor whose son is anxiously awaiting the reopening of the ball field

A: We are planning to keep the Hodgkins-Curtin ball field/green space closed until our turf experts tell us the sod is strong enough to support active recreational play. This could be anywhere from Mid-May to later this summer, but it should certainly be ready by later this summer. We're with your son on this one. We're anxious as well to reopen the field, but the sod is still young and we want to be sure that the roots are sufficiently deep and the grass is healthy before we open it to the public. Once reopened, the same restrictions that were in place before the renovation will continue. The park will be open for outings, Little League games and other recreational uses (except golfing) as well as public events. Dogs will not be allowed.

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