Saturday, July 30, 2011

Call for Submissions: SomerStreets Recycled Sculpture Contest, $150 First Prize

On Sunday, August 21, Somerville will close part of Route 16 to traffic and open it up to residents for the SomerStreets Going Green on Route 16 street event. We're also opening up the area to creative folks to compete in the SomerStreets Recycled Sculpture Contest--first prize $150. 

To participate in the contest, please send in your proposal by Friday, Aug. 19. Sculptures will be built and judged at SomerStreets on August 21. All winners will have their sculptures displayed at City Hall. First Place is $150, Second Place is $75,Third Place is $50.

Your imagination is your only limit aside from a few contest rules: 
  • Entries must be smaller than 5 feet x 5 feet and may be 2D or 3D
  • All media are encouraged including paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, pottery, glass work, collages, metalwork and stonework
  • At least 50% of each piece of artwork must be made of recyclable (discarded/found) materials, manmade or organic, and must be family friendly
  • Acceptable materials include but are not limited to: wood, metal or stone, glass, paper, fabric, pottery and plastic
  • And, we'll say it again, entries must be family friendly
  • Artists need to bring, set up and remove their on day of the event
To apply, email with “Recycled Sculpture Contest” as the
subject. Or mail or drop off forms to: SomerStreets, Attn: Carlene Campbell, Communications, 93 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA 02143.  Please provide the following info:
   1. Name of artist or company
   2. Contact info: contact person, address, phone number and e-mail
   3. For existing artwork, send two jpegs of your piece; for proposed pieces send a one
       paragraph description of sculpture
   4. Brief description on materials used
   5. Somerville affiliation, if any

SomerStreets is one of the area’s largest public events where we close the streets to cars and open them to residents for walking, biking, etc.--and plenty of entertainment. SomerStreets Going Green on Route 16 is Sunday, August 21, noon-4, rain or shine, on Route 16 from Dilboy Field to Broadway.

Photo: Jim Linwood, "Swanbrella" by Andrew De Friez "Recycled Sculpture Show 2009" at London Wetland Centre Barnes, via Flickr

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