Friday, July 29, 2011

City Assumes Management of Dilboy Pool

Earlier this summer, the City of Somerville assumed management of the previously state-run Dilboy Memorial Swimming Pool. Just as City management has brought positive changes to Dilboy Stadium (which is now sparkling clean) and Veterans Memorial Ice Rink (where the ice is now ready on time and better serving our leagues), the change is expected to bring positive improvements to the pool. It also is what kept the pool open this summer.

Dilboy Pool is a state Department of Conservation and Recreation facility. But as of the start of the summer 2011 season, the state had not allocated funds to open and maintain this much-used pool.

Mayor Curtatone went in to action, arranging for the City to staff and manage the pool for this season. A deal was reached for DCR to continue maintenance. Meanwhile, the City is working toward a formal long-term agreement that would permanently transfer management of the pool to the City.

The City hopes over time to carry out improvements both to the pool facility and services. Modest admission fees were also introduced to offset the cost of renovation materials. Admission is now $1 for children, $2 for adults, or $20 for a family of up to four for a full season pass.

We owe DCR thanks for opening and running this pool for so long. But they have a lot on their plate with dozens of pools to manage across the state. Transferring management to the community that uses the pool puts it in the hands of those who care most about it.

Photo: Alec Couros, Flickr

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