Monday, August 29, 2011

Changes to Flu Shot Availability: Call Your Doctor Now

Due to budget cuts, the state Department of Health is encouraging the insured to get their flu shots from their health care providers, and municipalities have been ordered to issue supplied free flu vaccine only to uninsured and underinsured adults age 19 and older (all children regardless of insurance status may still receive federal government supplied flu shots).

For this reason, Somerville will receive half the number of flu vaccines this season compared to last year. The Somerville Health Department urges anyone who plans to get a flu vaccine, and who is insured, to make a doctors appointment now to receive a flu shot or to request that a flu shot be included as part of an upcoming doctors visit such as an annual physical. For more information, please watch for an alert on the City of Somerville homepage: For more background on the issue, CLICK HERE.

Photo: Indiana Public Media, Flickr


  1. I find this very sad. I understand it is not a city decision, but here in MA we are required to have insurance, so the uninsured pool is (presumably) small.

    But I have relied on the flu clinic in the past for convenience--location and evening/weekend hours. And when I have been there the diverse community members there included whole families who might otherwise not have been to the doctor's office for this. And if doctor's offices require co-pays, some of these people would not have done it I'll bet.

    In a recession is this really the right strategy?

  2. Thank you for commenting, Mary. We hear your concerns. This is a difficult situation for health departments across the country and we are still considering further solutions. For now, we are planning targeted outreach to uninsured and underinsured populations, who do not have coverage for flu shots. We are also considering other options for assisting those with insurance because, as you mentioned, we understand this is also a matter of convenience and costs in terms of copays even for the insured--and we will report back resident issues and concerns to the state and the federal Centers for Disease Control. But this is a new federal and state directive and we are still working through options as information is released to us. We do however want to get out the word as early as possible for the insured that now is the time to add a flu shot request to any other planned doctors visits. If you have a physical or other appointment coming up, request a flu shot as well and most providers will add it on without an additional copay.

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