Friday, August 26, 2011

Results of Somerville "Happiness Survey" Now Online

Results of the Somerville Well-Being Survey, the “Happiness Survey,” are now online. To read the full report, CLICK HERE. Among the notable findings:

  • Residents overall rated their happiness an average of 7.5 out of 10, with 10 being the happiest. (The chart above graphs all responses.)
  • Ward 1 residents rate themselves happier than the rest of the City, at 8.0.
  • We found the strongest correlation between greater happiness and greater satisfaction with the beauty and visual appearance of Somerville than to any other factor.
  • Most residents surveyed, 92%, feel the city is on the right track.
If you’d like to delve into the raw data, CLICK HERE. For a summary of the findings, please CLICK HERE.


  1. When is the City going to focus on the Store Fronts in Winter Hill? The storefronts in the area between McGrath Hwy and Central street on Broadway are an AWFUL eyesore!! Particularly the Mama Lisa's/post office bldg.

    Also...when is the city going to stop the absent landlords on Jackson Road from running rooming houses that are illegal?

    There are houses there that are totally run down, dilapidated, and populated with 20 or more men at a time that have continued to remain open!

    Please help us improve the quality of life by ridding our area of the slum houses on Jackson...and clean up the storefronts in Winter Hill...

  2. I look at this happiness survey as a waste of tax dollars. The mayor charges everyone for copies of this or that, why did he waste ink for this happiness survey,he is trying to see the demographics on who filled out the survey.This administration will tell you know one will know who filled out the survey bewhere.I THINK IF YOU ASK OUTSIDE OF HIS INNER CIRCLE, AND THE YOUNG URBAN PROFESSIONALS WHO ARE SECURE WITH THERE JOBS AND LIVES, YOU WILL FIND A VERY DISPLEASED CITY OF WORKING CLASS PEOPLE. That includes the people that are working for you the tax payer, the dpw is out there now in the middle of this storm to make the city safe for you the tax payer.Do not be fooled by the beguilement that spews from the mayors mouth, most of what he has to say is just to win you over for your vote.The mayor is having the time of his life living of your tax dollars,as well as a person from the council on aging that should have been arrested and charged with mis appropreation of municipal funds along with the mayor who hired her as soon as he was elected. Happiness would be for the people of somerville not to be fooled by what this administration says and clean house ,elect officals that come to office to make the city better, not to lione there pockets


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