Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Somerville and FiVi Health Networks Launch Interactive Health Website

Somerville residents now have free access to health tracking tools and community health features via a new city-based online health portal. On Tuesday, Mayor Curatone announced the launch of the pilot phase of the Somerville health tracking website. The innovative website builds upon the Mayor’s Shape Up Somerville initiative, which promotes community health and wellness. It is created, hosted and managed by FiVi Health Networks, a local Boston-based health technology company.

Once residents register on the community health website, they will be able to create their own individual health and wellness profile where they can track their personal health goals and exercise plans as well as use other health planning and monitoring tools such as a blood pressure tracker. The interactive site also includes exercise tips and routines and local running, walking and cycle routes created both by the site and by residents. Information on nearby recreation including maps of parks, bike and walking paths is included. Set up as a social site, residents can also organize exercise outings with friends and Fivi members via the site.

"We all know that social support is one of the most important tools to help people develop healthy habits, and online communities continue to be one of the best tools to enable that," said FiVi Health Networks CEO, Nabil Aidoud.

The Somerville program is the first step of a wider initiative. FiVi Health Networks will set up similar online portals for other municipalities across the state. As the first municipality to "go live," Somerville will be piloting a number of campaigns to engage both employees and local residents. Incentive programs including competitions will be offered to municipal employees as well as residents and community members via the website.

We're hoping beta users will sign up now during the pilot phase and help us make the site as useful as possible. Send your feedback to

"In Somerville, we are constantly seeking new and interesting ways to engage community members of all ages in getting out and being active, and given how far social networking sites have come in the last few years, I strongly believe that this portal will strike a positive chord with the Somerville community.  I’m eager to get moving!” said Mayor Curtatone.

Registration is open to everyone, users can sign up by clicking here.

About FiVi Health Networks:
FiVi Health Networks, a Boston based company, manages both public and private community focused health portals. Services include hosting, managing incentive programs, events, and the management of online health and wellness content. For more information, contact

About Shape Up Somerville:
Shape Up Somerville is a city wide campaign to increase daily physical activity and healthy eating through programming, physical infrastructure improvements, and policy work. The campaign targets all segments of our community, including schools, city government, civic organizations, community groups, businesses, and other people who live, work, and play in Somerville.


  1. The registration link provided is broken due to the fact that it includes a parenthesis and a period at the end. You may want to fix that link so no one gets confused when they end up on the resulting error page.

  2. Thanks, Patrick! Just fixed the link.

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