Friday, August 5, 2011

Temple St. Reconstruction to Start Monday, August 8

This project should be worth the wait. Resurfacing of Temple St. was originally scheduled to take place earlier this year, but was delayed after the City determined more needed to be done than simply improve the pavement. A complete rehab of the street will start Monday, Aug. 8, weather permitting. It’s the full works. Upgrades will include a new road surface and new sidewalk panels, as well as new lighting, ADA ramps, crosswalks and greenery. Weather Permitting, construction should take approximately one month, from Monday, August 8, through Friday, September 9. D & R General Contracting, Inc., will conduct the work.

Work Hours will be 7 a.m–4 p.m. PLEASE NOTE:

• NO PARKING will be marked and enforced for each construction zone
• NORMAL TRAFFIC will be allowed subject to Police Detail discretion
• NO VEHICULAR TRAFFIC will be allowed in the construction zones
• DRIVEWAY ACCESS will be allowed
• Please obey all Detours, No Parking Signs, and Posted Signs and Flashing Message Boards. We thank you for your cooperation.

Please contact 311 or 617-666-3311 (if outside the City) for any concerns or questions.


  1. Yes!! Every time I drive on this street I say, "when are they going to resurface THIS street?" and didn't know if it would be done. (Too lazy to look it up; never thought about it outside the car.) This is great news.

  2. Is any work going on? The street still looks and feels awful.

  3. Hi Ron, Sorry for the slow reply, I've been out of the office. Looks like this work was delayed but should be starting this week (week of 9/12).


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