Monday, September 19, 2011

Resident Question: Do I Have to Recycle?

Resident Question: Will there be any enforcement in regards to recycling? That is, you deliver a new cart to a household and they refuse to use it. Any comment?

Recycling is your choice: We strongly encourage all residents to recycle. It conserves resources, saves the City money on solid waste disposal, and can potentially generate revenue for the City when recyclables are sold as raw materials. But no, the City will not force anyone to recycle or penalize them for not recycling.

The New Carts and You: As for the Zero-Sort program carts specifically, for Zero-Sort to be successful, we hope very few households will refuse to use the new carts. For this reason, we ask that you work with us to find a way to make the cart convenient for you before you make a decision on whether to use it. The City asks that residents try the new carts for at least a month to test them out. If after one month, the new cart is still not practical for you, please call 311 and we will work with you to find a solution.

Keeping Your Recycling Light: At City community meetings on Zero-Sort, some residents have voiced concerns that they will not want to use the new carts. The main worry so far is that the new cart will be too heavy. There is a way to solve this. You can continue to gather recycling as you do curently and then on trash pickup day carry or roll your empty cart to the curb and then use your old blue bin to carry recyclables to the cart. Important to note here is that the cart has wheels, which will make transporting it easier. For those who can store their cart at ground level--such as in a garage, backyard or in a driveway--the cart should actually make putting out recycling easier because you can wheel it out, rather than carry it. Remember, also, that the more you recycle, the less your garbage should weigh, so disposing of your garbage will get easier the more you use your new Zero-Sort cart.

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