Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Q: Is There a Way to Pay for Recreation Dept. Programs Online?

Q: I'm just curious - isn't there a way to pay for registrations in the City without writing a check?  Specifically, I'm thinking about signing up children for pool or park & rec type of events. Not only do I have to get across town to register, but I need to write a check.  There's no online registration or way to pay online.  The City won't accept cash - even for $10 registrations. There must be a way. I never write paper checks for anything else in my life!  Let's look around and see what other towns/cities are doing. There must be a better way. Thank you for listening.

A: We hear you. The City would like very much to introduce online registration and payment for Recreation Department programs, and, in fact, we have been looking into this. The main holdup here is cost. Vendors who run online payment systems charge high fees, as do credit card companies, which take a percentage of each transaction. But we understand the need for this convenience so we are looking at possible options for making this work. Thank you for bringing this up. Unfortunately, we can't promise a change any time soon, but we'll keep you updated on our progress.

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