Thursday, October 13, 2011

Somerville Installs On-Street Bike Parking

Bike parking right this way. Somerville recently installed on-street bike corrals in Davis Square at Diesel CafĂ© (left) and in Union Square at Bloc 11 (below) . Each corral holds about 16 bikes within the size of one car parking space.

Safe, on-street bike parking welcomes cyclists to our squares and keeps the sidewalks clear for pedestrians. A corral will be installed in Ball Square this fall as well.

Did you know Somerville also has a Bicycle Rack Request Program. To request an off-street bicycle rack, visit the City website HERE.


  1. Thanks Somerville! There was a real bike parking shortage in front of Diesel Cafe and this really helps.

  2. That rocks. More bikes = less cars.

  3. Thanks for doing this! Parking a bike on Elm Street in Davis was really tough before, and this helps a lot. 14-16 times as many people parking in the same space makes so much sense.

  4. Thanks Somerville, It was hard enough finding parking around my house, now it's even harder. Can I park my car on the sidewalk now?

  5. Anonymous, the bike corral is occupying just one metered, commercial district space, which has a parking time limit restriction not suited for long-term residential parking. Meanwhile, the corral allows up to 16 bicyclists to "park" there. The more we make cycling and public transit convenient, the fewer cars we'll have in the city and that means easier parking for residents who do have cars. The corrals will also be removed during the winter, making the space available for a car once again during those months.

  6. If you install another one in the Union Square plaza, it would be heavily used, especially during the farmers' market and ArtsUnion events.

  7. Ron, I just passed along your request to Senior Transportation Planner Sarah Spicer, who is in charge of this program. You are the second person to request a corral in Union Square and both requests were sent to her. We've received a lot of emails as well thanking us for the corrals. So overall this seems like needed infrastructure.


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