Monday, November 14, 2011

Somerville Calls for Best and Silliest Zero-Sort Recycling Photos for "It's the Love Tote" Photo Contest

Residents are invited to share funny, creative photos of new Zero-Sort Toters throughout the City. Winners will receive a prize--and a special performance.

TUESDAY, DEC. 13th***

SOMERVILLE – The photos started popping up on Twitter the day deliveries started: Somerville residents in love with their new Zero-Sort recycling toters were so happy to get them, they snapped photos of them to share with the world online. And then they didn't stop. 

“We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to the new toters, so much so that residents are taking the time to blog, Tweet, and post their approval to social media outlets across the spectrum,” Mayor Curtatone said. “Since we live in the kind of city where residents actually post photos of their new Zero-Sort recycling toters online—without prompting—we’ve decided it would be fun to kick it up a notch.”

Residents are invited to submit their best, their silliest, and their most inspiring photos of their new Zero-Sort toter to the "It's the Love Tote Photo Contest" by Tuesday, Dec. 13th. Contest participants will be competing for a “once-in-a-lifetime” grand prize including:

• Recycling pick up by Mayor Curtatone himself
• A special live performance by Somerville’s own Jimmy Del Ponte, with his original song, “The Love Tote,” along with his backup singers, The Trashmen
• Autographed copy of “The Love Tote” with bonus track “The Zero-Sort Song”
• A $50 gift certificate to the Somerville Winter Farmers Market
• Official Certificate of Exemplary Zero-Sortness (printed on recycled paper)

Photo entries must feature a new Zero-Sort toter, and will be judged on their creativity, educational value, artistic merit and entertainment impact.

“Obviously, our goal is to have fun with this, but also to help get the word out and educate the public about ways to get the most out of the Zero-sort program,” said Denise Taylor, New Media and ResiStat Coordinator. “You can submit a serious documentary shot of toters on the street or get silly and decorate a Zero-Sort toter. Or you could pose a toter in a fetching way, put it in an interesting or meaningful setting, photograph your pets with it, or even take a few toters out for a picnic and snap a group shot. Really, we’re hoping to be surprised.”

It's a Contest with its Own Theme Song
Need inspiration? Listen to “The Love Tote” song at

Runners Up: Certificates of Zero-Sortness, autographed Love Tote CDs, and Somerville swag will also be awarded for special categories including:

Best Toter “Outfit” (yes, you can dress up your toter)
Most Unlikely Location (take your toter out on the town or to Somerville sights)
Most Likely to Inspire Others to Recycle (we’ll leave the creativity to you)
Best Age 12 and Under Submission (kids are eligible for the grand prize too)
• Mystery Categories (we reserve the right to reward special efforts as fits)

PHOTOS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 5 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 1, either by email to, by text to 857-636-2396, by DM to @SomervilleCity on Twitter, or by delivery to the Mayor’s Office, Somerville City Hall, 93 Highland Ave.

Please include your name, address, phone and email address. The contest is open to Somerville residents of all ages. The City reserves the right to publish submitted photos. Entries will be judged by a panel of Arts Council, Office of Sustainability and Environment and other City staff.

“Why have we put together a competition like this? Because this is Somerville, and because many of our residents are genuinely enthusiastic about embracing the environmental benefits of our recycling program,” said Curtatone. “We think this contest is a great way to increase public awareness of ways that Zero-sort keeps trash incineration pollutants out of the air we breathe, reduces the burden on landfills and. conserves resources. And, we also want to remind folks that, over time, increased recycling via the Zero-Sort program should save the City money."

Contest Info: For additional information, please contact New Media and ResiStat Coordinator Denise Taylor at 617-625-6600 ext. 2103 or


  1. So.... When do we see the results?!?

  2. Soon. We will be judging the photos this week and will announce the winner directly after the holidays. Thanks for checking. We got some great entries!

  3. so it is now January 7...when do we see the results??

  4. Anonymous, Our 11-judge panel has selected a grand prize winner as well as special category winners and we should be notifying and announcing the winners next week (some time after around the 17th; we are working to schedule a press event). We got many great submissions and are looking forward to sharing them. Thanks for checking.


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