Thursday, January 26, 2012

Final East Broadway Streetscape Design Complete

Every last bench, ADA compliant crosswalk, bike rack, and gleaming trash can planned for the new East Broadway streetscape can now be seen in the final plans released this week. On January 24, the completed drawings were submitted for bid. Constrution is expected to begin this spring or early summer.

The detailed, 84-page plan, which can be viewed HERE, is fairly technical. But scanning it and the renderings posted here (click the photos to view larger versions), you'll find features included in the design, such as:
  • Improved road surface
  • Open and shaded space (including many new trees)
  • Better traffic signal phasing
  • ADA compliance
  • Improved and safer crosswalks
  • Bike racks and lanes
  • Improved amenities: ornamental lighting, new trash cans, new benches, etc.
  • Wider sidewalks for outdoor dining and gathering places
  • Improved parking options
  • A new plaza in front of the East Branch library 
Design Consultants, Inc., of Somerville prepared the design in accordance with MassDOT standards. The $8 million project is funded primarily by a combination of federal transportation funds, Community Development Block Grant funds, and funding from MassDOT and the Massachusetts Office of Housing and Economic Development.

Adding to neighborhood improvements, the new Harris Park should begin construction at the same time.


  1. LOOKS AAMAZING..I just worry about traffic. Restaurants get deliveries..they double park..people going to get laundry double park EVERYONE double parks and there will be extra traffic with the new Ikea coming. There will be less traffic lanes now to handle this stuff? I hope it al lworks out. Looks like it will be absolutely beautiful when finished.

  2. Anonymous, Good point. Part of the thinking behind the narrowed lanes was to make this stretch of Broadway less appealing as a cut-through. Currently, a good bit of out-of-town traffic from I-93 cuts down Broadway without ever stopping to shop or support the local businesses. The redesign should make the area more appealing to people actually spending time in the area while removing its allure as short-cut. The improved parking should help too.

  3. This is an enormous step forward in making the East Broadway Business District the center of the East Somerville Community. Communities with strong walkable business districts thrive - this investment will pay off in spades.

  4. Get a mural by Roy Sproule


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