Friday, January 20, 2012

Somerville-Arlington Awarded $2.2 Million for Homeless Assistance Grants

On Wednesday, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded Somerville and Arlington $2,237,821 in funding for homeless assistance programs. The funding for the Somerville-Arlington Continuum has steadily increased in the last several years, with $2,235,913 awarded in 2010, $2,233,788 in 2009, and $1.9 million in 2008. Overall this year, the Obama Administration has awarded nearly $1.47 billion in homeless assistance grants.

The grant money provides permanent and transitional housing to homeless persons, and also funds important case management and other services that can include job training, money management training, health care, mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment. These grants are awarded competitively to local programs to meet the needs of their homeless clients. Recipients include

  • the Somerville Homeless Coalition, 
  • Heading Home, 
  • Just a Start Corporation, 
  • CASPAR, 
  • Wayside Youth and Family Support Network, 
  • Somerville Community Corporation, 
  • Catholic Charities and Transition House.
The $2.2 million is in addition to the $1.18 million Somerville received in 2009 through the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing (HPRP) Program, a three-year grant, of which the City is currently in the final year. The HPRP Program is intended to prevent persons from falling into homelessness or to rapidly re-house them if they do.

Photo by OHAD.

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