Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Zero-Sort Photo Contest Winners Announced

Good news on two fronts: Recycling is up by 46% since the start of Zero-Sort recycling AND yesterday,Mayor Curtatone presented the winners of the “It’s the Love Tote” photo contest with certificates of “Exemplary Zero-Sortness” as well a small gifts during a ceremony at City Hall. Today, we reveal the eight winning photos.

“Come Together, Right Now…and Don’t Sort” by Orchard St. residents Deborah Baskin and (shown left to right in the photo) Liam Campbell, Fiona Campbell, Theo Gounden-Rock, Izzy Larsen, Ben Larsen, and Zara Gounden-Rock. The photo echoes The Beatle’s Abbey Road album cover. The judges especially appreciated the creativity, group effort, and positive recycling message in this entry--and they liked that while Baskin shot the photo, the kids came up with the idea.

SECOND PRIZE and MOST MAGICAL"The Magic of Recycling: Barrels of Fun!” by Louise Marks of Grand View Ave. and her "lovely assistants," Faye Bergsman (center), Stewart Faulkner (the legs), and Ed Pinkham (behind the camera). The judges were especially entertained by the creativity and humor in this entry, and they liked that it bestowed the aura of magic upon Zero-Sort recycling.

"Tote Fishing" by Nicholas Capuano, age 10, of Porter St. The judges were especially impressed by this entry’s creativity and originality, and by Capuano's apparent ability to surmount unusual obstacles (such as balancing a recycling toter in a canoe on the Mystic River). The judges were also tickled that Capuano thought to outfit his toter with its own fishing rod.

"Love at First Sight" by Valerie Farley, age 10, of Willow Ave. The judges were especially impressed by this entry’s clever idea and wit. They were also impressed by Farley's motivation in sending so many varied entries as well (Farley sent in about ten entries). But this one was the judge’s favorite.

“It’s Hip to Recycle” by Erin Geno of Sycamore St. The judges were especially entertained by this entry’s sense of whimsy, its celebration of Somerville’s hip factor, and its oversized mustache. They were also pleased to see that it incorporated another important green City priority in Somerville: bicycling.

"Zero-Sort Goes Bowling" by Sarah Hutchinson and Erin Scholomiti of Holland St. The judges were especially entertained by this entry’s sense of fun, the unexpected location, and the toter’s loyalty to a local business (it's at Flatbread/Sacco Bowl Haven). They also noted the attention to detail. Look closely, there's a ball rolling down the lane toward a spare.

“Even Kids Can Get into Zero-Sort Recycling” by Aaron Helsinger of Lesley Ave. The judges especially enjoyed the simple, direct and fun way this entry celebrated the new program. This photo will be of great use in promoting Zero-Sort to our younger residents. 

"Laughing All the Way" by Lisa McFarren and Justin Grunau of Willow Ave. The judges were entertained by this entry’s sense of fun, its holiday theme, and its use of stuffed reindeer antlers. Circe (right) and Prospero (left), who are both rescue dogs, also deserve mention. This isn’t their first photo shoot. Circe was recently featured in a national Subaru ad (click link and scroll down to the third photo) that mentioned Somerville. To thank Circe and Prospero for their contribution to getting out the word about Zero Sort, the Mayor presented each with a dog treat as their prize.    

The Grand Prize winners received a $50 Gift Certificate to the Somerville Winter Farmers Market, and all winners were presented with a small City of Somerville gift. WasteQuip, which manufactured the City’s recycling toters, also generously donated toter swag for the winners including 6-inch-tall mini-toters. All photo entries will be edited into an “It’s the Love Tote” music video for all to enjoy on the City of Somerville Youtube channel and City Cable channels 13 and 16.

But wait, there's more!

As part of the Grand Prize package, Mayor Curtatone will pick up Grand prize winner's recycling on Orchard Street on Wednesday, Feb. 8, followed by a special live performance of “The Love Tote” by local musician Jimmy Del Ponte and the Love-Tote Singers.  


  1. This is why I love Somerville! Great work, all of you!

  2. Very clever and creative!

  3. Life is greener on the other side of Broadway! I miss living in Somerville. I love Mayor Curatone and all the Somerville Residents for your relevance, humor, civic activity. Somerville's got X factor and I wish I was back on the Somerville's side of Broadway Avenue!

  4. Anonymous, Thanks for the kind words. Come back any time you want!


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