Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mayor Announces Local Jobs Advisory Panel

On Tuesday, Mayor Curtatone announced the creation of a new advisory group to assist the City in the development and implementation of programs designed to encourage and support efforts by area employers to hire local residents. The new, 11-member Somerville Jobs Advisory Committee (SJAC) will examine best practices for matching local job candidates to local training and hiring opportunities as a service for both residents and employers. The Committee will get to work next month. Members include: 

·         Alderman at Large Bruce Desmond (Chairman)
·         Alderman at Large Jack Connolly
·         Ronald Bonney, Jr., President/CEO, Bonney Automotive; Chair, Somerville Chamber of  Commerce
·         Dr. Susan Crandall, PhD., President, Workforce Results
·         Leo DiSimone, Director of Career and Technical Education, Somerville High School
·         Sam Millen, President/CEO, Cue Acoustics
·         Janice Philpot, , Director, Somerville Center for Adult Learning Experiences (SCALE)
·         Ray Zonghetti, Restaurant Consultant 

Mayor Curtatone will complete the panel by appointing one additional member from each of three relevant City offices: the Mayor’s Office; SomerStat; and OSPCD.

“This is an ideal time to develop a jobs strategy based on the wealth of resources and knowledge available on this topic – and based on the input of local business and community leaders as well as the vocational and post secondary academic experts already working to provide job skills and training to Somerville residents,” said Mayor Curtatone. 

 To read the full press release, please click HERE

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