Monday, April 23, 2012

Update: Bicycle Enforcement by the Numbers

On April 11, Somerville Police began ticketing cyclists for traffic violations (full story HERE). Here are a few quick numbers and updates on the matter just in from the Somerville Police:

So far, since ticketing of cyclists for traffic violations began on April 11, 52 citations have been issued to bike riders. Of those, 26 were tickets and 26 were written warnings. We do not have a count on verbal warnings, but verbal warnings are also being given.  

Today, the Somerville Police started in service training of all officers. Bicycle law enforcement is a component of this training. It covers all bike-related offenses both for bikes and for vehicles.

Somerville had 76 bike-related accidents in 2011, and 88 bike-related accidents in 2010. 

In 2012, 23 bike-related accidents have been reported so far this year, including one today.   


  1. It's about time i am sick of seeing them run red lights!

  2. Thank you SPD for stepping up enforcement of bicycle laws. I realize that the police cannot be everywhere, but School & Medford Sts. could use some serious attention, for both bicycles and vehicles!

  3. Kudos! Helmets keep people safe.

  4. Please stop using the term "accident" - it implies the collision was not foreseeable or avoidable, when that is almost never the case.

    "Motor vehicle collision with cyclist" is the proper term.

    Also: how many tickets were written in the same day for drivers?

  5. Can we get another update? Today I saw a bike in the back of cruiser. I'm just wondering if one was confiscated.

  6. Also, please let us know what the violations are... just running red lights?

    As a cyclist i like to see enforcement...but don't forget the cars! Speeding, rolling stops, not yielding to pedestrians in xwalk etc.

  7. Thanks for all the requests for additional updates. I will follow up with the police early next week and will post once I have more information.

  8. Where are the announcements about the Public Safety Campaign citywide to educate cyclists, motorists, pedestrians and others on the regulations- local and state- that pertain to the safe and legal operation of bicycles in our city? You know: flyers, posters, media notices, public seminars, cable shows, High School seminars (maybe with distribution of low-cost/free headlamps and tail lights?)? As a cyclist who took a basic safety course from MassBike before I began city cycling a few years ago, I am dismayed by how many evening cyclists, especially, have no idea that lights are legal requirements! Let's see some public education to accompany law enforcement; better late than never!


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