Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mayor Praises Vote to Fund Rte 16 Green Line Station

The Green Line Extension took an important step forward last month. At its April 19 meeting, the Boston Meteropolitan Planning Organization voted to approve $8.1M in funding for the design of the Route 16 Green Line station.

“This station may be in Medford, but funding for it is important for two reasons," said Mayor Curtatone at the recent Ward 4 ResiStat meeting."We've been saying all along the line needs to be built all the way to Route 16, and this gets us closer to that goal. And it's important to remember that this station may be in Medford, but it's a Somerville station too because it will serve Somerville neighborhoods. Our residents will be walking to that station and leaving their cars at home once the Route 16 station is built."  Read more in the press release below:

Curtatone Says Vote is Major Step on Road to Completion of Regional Transit System

SOMERVILLE –   Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone today praised the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization for what he described as its “wise and visionary” decision to authorize $ 8.1 million in funding for the study, design and construction of the Route 16 station of the Green Line Extension Project (GLX). 

 The MPO is an intergovernmental organization with 22 voting members representing 101 cities and towns in the Boston metropolitan area as well as various state transportation agencies.  It oversees the region’s federally required metropolitan transportation-planning process and produces the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) that allocates federal, and some state, transportation funds to roadway, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian projects across the entire region.

“The funding plan authorized last month by the MPO goes a long way toward locking in continued support for the extension of the Green Line through Somerville and Medford all the way to the logical terminus at Route 16,”  said Curtatone.  “I’ve said all along that I’m confident the Green Line Extension will be completed, but only if we continue to fight for it every day.  This vote is a reminder that that this is a truly regional project with truly regional benefits.”  

Curtatone noted that the Green Line Extension project was important not only to the cities of Somerville, Cambridge and Medford, but to the state as whole.  “Massachusetts can emerge from the recent recession with greater strength than ever – we’re already doing better than most other states,” Curtatone said. “But we can’t support a 21st-century economy without an equitable, balanced, 21st-century transportation system.  This action by the MPO is one of the keys to creating a system that supports jobs, business development and a better quality of life throughout the region.”


  1. The Route 16 station would actually be largely, if not completely, in Somerville. (The U-Haul is in Somerville, and so is the liquor store on the other side of the tracks next to Whole Foods.)

  2. This station will give thousands of more residents a station within walking distance. It also has the potential to get many commuters from surrounding areas the chance to leave their cars here, like Alewife on the Red line, thus unclogging downtown traffic and parking.


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