Friday, September 7, 2012

Somerville Seeks Conservation Commission Member: Open to All Residents

Wetlands and river protection, community gardens, open space planning--these are just a few of the issues you'll be addressing if you become the newest member of the Somerville Conservation Commission. The City is currently looking to fill one position on the Commission. 

The Somerville Conservation Commission is devoted to preserving and protecting Somerville's natural environment. The Commission administers and enforces the Wetland Protection Act and River Protection Acts and has an important role in open space planning pursuant to its authority under the Conservation Commission Act.

The Commission consists of seven volunteers, appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Aldermen, who serve two-year terms or until another Commissioner is appointed. In general, Commissioners donate about 5 hours per month of their time. Being an effective Commissioner will require that you:
  • Get to know Somerville’s wetlands, water bodies, open space and community gardens;
  • Familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations (Wetlands Protection Act, MGL Chapter 131, §40) under which the Commission works and their supporting science;
  • Attend monthly meetings (typically the fourth Tuesday of every month) and site visits when necessary;
  • Foster good relations with other city departments, boards and residents;
  • Always act professionally, and
  • Use fairness and objectivity when making decisions.
The Commission is especially interested in residents with training or experience in wetlands biology, protection and regulation, civil engineering, hydrology, geology and resource management.

Residents interested in volunteering to serve on the Commission are invited to send a letter or an e-mail along with their resume to the Commission’s Conservation Agent, Rachel Kelly ( or 617.625.6600 ext. 2516).

To find out more about serving as a conservation commissioner please visit these web sites:

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