Monday, February 11, 2013

Find a Fire Hydrant Near You..And Help Shovel?

Hardworking members of the Somerville Fire Department have been shoveling out fire hydrants as fast as they can. But with more than 1,500 hydrants in the City, they need your help. If you are able, here's a map of most (but not all) City hydrants. Senior planner Brad Rawson whipped this up today. Below are links to neighborhood maps. If you're more of list person, we've got a list too. But for now, if you can help, it could save a life. Thanks.

Ward 1 and 2 hydrants
Ward 2 and 3 hydrants
Ward 4 hydrants
Ward 5 hydrants
Ward 6 hydrants
Ward 7 hydrants


  1. Main Street--the last one, around 59 Main--is done. The neighbors and I got it.


  2. Have any bigger maps? This is ... not terribly helpful really...

  3. You should add this dataset to Somerville Open Data, this could make a really useful app.

  4. Todd, If you double-click the map, it will get bigger. Then, use your computer or phone to zoom in. Made this on the fly. We'll look into better options for next time.

  5. unfortunately the O in SOMERVILLE obscures my entire block. definitely echo the suggestion to open the data up. a Google Maps overlay would be helpful in future events...

    1. As I said, we did this on the fly with an older GIS dataset in the midst of managing the City social media feeds, which are VERY busy. We figured this was better than nothing. Any tech savvy folks who want to help us make something else more useful for the next time (there are some great apps out there) are more than invited to help out (a really fun way to volunteer!). Email

  6. If you can run Ruby/Rails on your server, check out Code for America's Adopt-A-Hydrant. It isn't zero work: you have to get your data into it. But it's pretty easy!

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